ME&A | Food for Peace (FFP) Evaluation & Learning Mechanism (EVELYN)
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Food for Peace Evaluation and Learning Mechanism

ME&A held the Food for Peace Evaluation and Learning Mechanism (EVELYN) task order contract to provide quality evaluation data to the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP) for a year starting in March 2017. Through EVELYN, the ME&A team provided performance and impact evaluations, population-based surveys, post-project evaluations, process evaluations, and thematic studies to USAID/FFP. ME&A supplied USAID with quality data about all aspects of its programming in order to assist in future project design and implementation. ME&A’s subcontractors were Abt Associates, ICF International, NORC at the University of Chicago, and Tango International.

FFP, USAID’s primary food assistance program, has reached more than three billion hungry people since its inception some 60 years ago. FFP provides emergency food assistance to those affected by conflict and natural disasters and provides development food assistance to address the underlying causes of hunger. FFP’s programs cover a broad array of activities designed to help communities build their resilience so they can prevent or mitigate shocks, make sure they have food during a crisis and provide them the tools to recover and build the foundation for their long-term development.

EVELYN team evaluates Food for Peace programs in several countries