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ME&A projects improve lives in developing countries worldwide. We combine a global perspective with local awareness and a focus grounded in practical solutions.
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U.S. Agency for International Development Projects

ME&A is the prime contractor to USAID on the five-year PEEL Task Order contract to provide support to USAID’s Feed the Future Initiative through population-based surveys and performance and impact evaluations. Contact: Raymond Waldron at

ME&A is the prime contractor for the USAID/El Salvador M&E&L Project to provide extensive monitoring and evaluation services to the USAID mission in El Salvador. Contact: Dr. Randal Thompson at

ME&A is the prime contractor on the USAID/Central Asia Learning from Evaluations and Assessments for Development Activity providing external/independent special studies in five Central Asian republics. Contact: Chris Coffman at

ME&A implements the USAID Data for Development Task Order Contract for the USAID Mission in Tanzania. ME&A’s partners on this four and a half year project include NORC and Synergy International Systems. Contact: Patrick Sullivan at

Under USAID/Armenia’s ASPIRED Project, ME&A supports sustainable water resource management and sustainable practices of water users to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in Armenia’s Ararat Valley to sustainable levels. Contact: Magda Avetisyan at

Under HICD 2020, ME&A is building the human and institutional capacity of USAID’s strategic partner organizations in Georgia, including governmental, non-governmental and for-profit entities. Contact: Roman Tsutskirdze at

Under this project, ME&A provides technical assistance to USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) DCA to identify, design and prepare DCA guarantees. Contact: Sara Kline at

ME&A was prime contractor on the Georgia Evaluation Mechanism IQC for USAID/Georgia. Under this five-year IQC, which ended in 2018, ME&A conducted performance and impact evaluations of USAID projects in Georgia. Contact: Mirela McDonald at

As a subcontractor to Tetra Tech, ME&A conducted assessments of municipal real property processes in Kosovo and identified potential government-to-government activities to improve service delivery. Contact: Carlos Beale at

Through EVELYN, ME&A provided performance and impact evaluations, population-based surveys, post-project evaluations, process evaluations and thematic studies to USAID/FFP. Contact: Dr. Loren Schulze at

Other Clients

ME&A conducted a combined dual design evaluation examining evaluation efforts since 2012 of the 26 U.S. Department of State bureaus that use Foreign Assistance funds. The meta-evaluation assessed the quality of completed evaluations. Contact: Mirela McDonald at

ME&A offers workshops to various clients on a variety of topics related to Human and Institutional Capacity Development to its customers both in the United States and internationally. We can tailor our Learning Workshops to specific client needs and environments. Contact: Alyssa Dinsmore at