ME&A Recruits New Talent at 2020 SID-Washington Career Fair
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ME&A Recruits New Talent at 2020 SID-Washington Career Fair

ME&A Recruits New Talent at 2020 SID-Washington Career Fair

ME&A sponsored a booth at the 2020 Society for International Development (SID)-Washington Career Fair on Jan. 29, 2020, at The George Washington University Marvin Center in Washington, D.C. SID-Washington is the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Society for International Development.

Between 400 and 500 entry and mid-level candidates seeking careers in the international development field attended the event. ME&A and more than 40 international development firms and nonprofits were there to recruit top talent and showcase their unique opportunities in and contributions to international development.

ME&A was represented by International Talent Acquisition Specialist Kendell Brown, Project Assistant Maria Sierra Irigoyen, Senior Director for Communications Larry Ott, and Vice President for Marketing and Business Development Dr. Loren Schulze.

ME&A is a long-standing member of SID, a non-profit organization composed of individuals and institutions concerned with sustainable international development. ME&A served as an event sponsor and has served as a sponsor for SID-Washington’s annual conference for many years.