USAID/Egypt Selects ME&A to Evaluate Two Civil Society Programs – ME&A
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USAID/Egypt Selects ME&A to Evaluate Two Civil Society Programs

USAID/Egypt Selects ME&A to Evaluate Two Civil Society Programs

USAID/Egypt awarded ME&A the task order under the GSA MOBIS IDIQ Contract to conduct final performance evaluations of two civil society programs – Selected Civic Education Grants and Combating Violence Against Women and Children Activity. The evaluations will be conducted for the USAID/Egypt Office of Democracy and Governance (ODG). The ME&A team will begin its evaluation activities in mid-October and continue through mid-December 2014.

The Combating Violence Against Women and Children Activity seeks to improve the capacity of Egypt’s National Council for Women and its National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, as well as the NGO community, to respond to violence against women and children.

The findings from this evaluation will be used to better inform future ODG decision-making and programming in the area of gender-based violence and to strengthen its future program design and management.

In 2005, the ODG began to provide direct grants to civil society organizations through Annual Program Statements (APS). A major focus of the APS grants was civic education programs. These programs sought to expand the commitments and capabilities of Egyptians to improve their communities through non-governmental action.

By evaluating a selection of these civic education grants, ODG is seeking to understand what essential elements are consistent with effective programs and what factors increased or constrained program resiliency.
Since 2010, ME&A has conducted nearly 50 evaluations and assessments for USAID, the U.S. Department of State and the Millennium Challenge Corporation in more than 25 countries worldwide.